Every year Colorfix studies and maps consumption trends and launches its catalog of Colors & Trends, trends for the plastic transformation market.

For the year 2023, we understand that one of the effects of the pandemic was the acceleration of digitalization all around us. We became more connected and attentive to everything.

But digitization, and its excess of information, brings us the need to go back to abstraction, to the enchantment. We disconnect to connect with ourselves. With what balances us and returns us to humanity.

Where we find connection and abstraction. Digital and nature. The colors for 2023 try to translate connection, agility, the digital and practicality. But also, the return to nature and abstraction.

We invite you to immerse yourself in enchantment.

Get inspired!

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Marble Colorfix is a color concentrate capable of imitating the natural effect of rocky, wood and mother-of-pearl formations. This makes it possible to replace these raw materials in products in which their uses would be difficult or unfeasible.

In addition, it opens up margins for creating effects with colors not found in nature, expanding the finishing possibilities. For example, the effect that emulates the Tie Dye fabric dyeing technique.

The Marble line uses the Masterbatches technology, the same as the monochromatic colors already used in the industry. That means, it makes its use simple news to your products. It also increases your perception of value in an innovative way without the need for technological investments.

Your plastic product no longer needs to be monochrome.

Download the catalog now.


Revora is the brand created by Colorfix to bring sustainable solutions in masterbatch and additive.

Born from the need to RE-create the future, the future of the industry, the future of consumption, the future of production chains, the future of the planet and humanity.

These are masterbatches and sustainable additives that invite our customers to rethink their products. We develop lines for green, recycled and compostable plastics. Or even additives that allow positive bearing towards the environment for those who need to use conventional resins.

The colors are developed according to the needs of our customers and sent in pellets in our packaging made from 100% recycled material.

Would you like to know more? Download the solutions catalog below.


Colorfix Masterbatches has worked in the innovation and development of color concentrates and/or additives since 1990, which promotes the improvement of both products and customer processes.

Its headquarters is located in Colombo, the Metropolitan Area of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. The company also has plants in the Brazilian states of São Paulo and Pernambuco.

The customer is the biggest reason for the existence of Colorfix. That is why we seek innovation and technology, with big investments in research, development of new products and new manufacturing technologies.

We export to Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, India and South Africa.

We are always looking for new markets. Learn more below!

  1. Colors & Trends Catalog ; Trends 2023

    Colors & Trends Catalog; Trends Revora 2023

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  9. Opening of the branch in Pernambuco (PE)

  10. Renovation of the Industrial Park doubling production capacity

  11. Launching the FIX Line

    Opening of the branch in São Paulo

    First participation in the Brasil Plast fair (Feiplastic)

  12. Beginning of production of masterbatches conveyed in PET

    Restructuring of the administrative staff and family succession in the company

  13. First exports

    Multifilament laboratory assembly

  14. Films Laboratory Editing

    Launch of manufacturing additives

    Launch of the Special Masterbatches Line

    Brand repositioning

  15. Launch of the Colorbatch Line

    Obtained ISO 9001 certification

  16. First participation in the Interplast fair

  17. First participation in an international fair (Feira K)

    Launch of the Micro Sphere Line

  18. Beginning of Colorfix Masterbatches activities

    100% national and equity


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